“Why I write”by Joan Didion

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Obesity in America

Balditu Kurfessa
Writing 121
Jessica Jonson
Rhetorical analysis assignment #5
Obesity in America
In her article “Obesity in America” Caitlin Rose was very credible due to the way she presented herself. Her background, volunteering, education, history and the passion she has for the people. Caitlin Rose moved to the Big Island to study organic farming, practice a sustainable lifestyle and discover the true essence of the aloha spirit. In her writing, she used a calm tone and her background to get the audience attention. She lives in a lovely avocado orchard tucked amid the ohia forests of Puna and regularly volunteers at local organic farms that supply Down to Earth.She also has a background in philosophy and social sciences that has led her to investigate why people make the choices they do, and how they can be educated to make choices in harmony, natural, and a healthy living with their best interest
Caitlin Rose presents herself as someoned who is concern about the health of both children and adults. Based on what we see in the article and what we know about her, what might her motivations for writing be? Based on the writing, her motivation might be to reach the world, not only America, through education of this epidemic (obesity). Caitlin Rose has achieved her goal of reaching many audiences informing them on the importance of eating the right food and negative effects of obesity for the communities. Intended readers will pay close attention to most of her advice regarding food consumption. The intended readers are in and even outside the U.S.A. This is because obesity has affected all of us directly, for example our family members, ourselves, friends, neighbors; indirectly it is straining our economy and our institutions.
As the writer states, obesity are affecting every age group irrespective of gender. She states that in the last 20 years it has doubled in adults and tripled in children. The intention is for all age groups, both male and female, to get the information in good nutrition. The writer and the readers care about their food satisfaction, also, prolonging their life. They have to care because they need to make the right choices on the food they consume, for example, organic food, and the right amount of calories and better understanding of a balanced diet. In my opinion, their values are their good health. Yes they share these values with the readers. The writer is concerned about obesity and negative impacts. All the readers are concerned about being overweight and the ways to make the right choices on eating healthy. The readers have their own positions because they are informed through electronic and print media. The American person is always on the go. The quickest way is to buy ready to eat food from the restaurant. Organic foods are expansive on the paycheck but, have positive effects on health. However, some of us are too busy. We never pay attention to the news or what is going on in the world.
Caitlin accomplishes her purpose by outlining the danger of obesity in our society and how to eat the right foods and quantities. The writer accomplishes her purpose by using factual statistics of affected population to authenticate the researched information. This has greater impact on the readers. It shows how obesity is an epidemic, needs great reactions to cure it. The author has also stated the negative effects of obesity. For example on our economy, health and even social life, what causes obesity and the possible solution? In order to convince her readers, Caitlin Rose uses compare/contrast technique in this article. The writer is comparing mainland to the Native. It proves that it’s not only the U.S.A that is affected by obesity, but it is spreading out to her whole world. The rest of the world is at risk because of the U.S.A. influences the rest of countries. In The nutritional advice she gives, she has even given more good sources of information on which foods to always buy organic. Also, she uses factual statistics, stating the works of the other doctors. For example, Dr.Dean Ornish and Dr.Terry Shintani authenticate encouraging people to read and make use of the information. One limitation could be the writer is interfering with the food market. The author limits her argument by pointing out the consequences of inappropriate food consumption. Her characters are the emphasis and boldness to point out the danger and her values is good health for people. The process is to minimize obesity, involve stronger economy, and decision making by politicians, and the audience. This could be constraining for the writer.A key text, fast-food is coasting us our health and our money.
In conclusion the writer has achieved her objective of reaching many readers informing them on the importance of eating the right food and negative effects of obesity especially the strain it’s causing in our society.
Work Cited
Rose, Caitlin. “ Obesity in America’’ September 16th, 2012.web 30 Apr 2012

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Writing Assignment #3

Writing 121
Instructor Jessica Jonson
Writing Assignment# 3
Writing is one of the ways that we translate our thoughts for other people. Some people are better at expressing themselves in writing than any other way. Sometimes it is difficult because you don’t want to be social and polite with other people you want to go shut the door and get back in to your own little world inside your mind. I am not a big fan of writing; however it is fun to many people who write something every day. Some people have romantic relationship with words like my classes meet Molly. She likes writing because she can’t always get her point across when she talks but writing definitely helps her to explain her idea. Molly started writing when she was a kid.
Molly said “Writing is like breathing to me”. It is a great way to express her creativity, share her ideas and thoughts with others. Writing is the way to express her feelings. When she was a kid, Molly remembers her stories would have a large audience on the school, every day after lunch. Molly just brought her most recent story to read. More than that, she really liked the feeling she got while she was putting her thoughts on paper. Molly also wrote a diary about her day and she kept it. The diary meant a lot for her.
When she was about six years old, she and her big sister wrote short stories on paper and they made pretend books. They opened up a pretend book store in their living room that was really just a cardboard box with a sign that they made on it. They would stand behind it and sell their books to their father for five cents. She used to write a lot when she was a kid. She had a note book and journals and bits of paper everywhere. She wrote to simply get stuff out of her mind.
After she became an adult, she only remembers writing a few more things, but she still writes because she always loved it. Molly writes inside and outside of school. She writes when she feels bad and angry, when she doesn’t want to share her feelings with somebody else. Most of the time she writes about the journals that talks about her life story. In addition she writes a lot of songs and poems to express how she feels because she is a musician. Last week when she drove some where she wrote some lyrics. Writing outside of school is very different from school. At school writing was more about expressing the formal structure, grammar and punctuation.
Molly believes a good writer has a well-organized thesis statement. The writer must have an order of ideas and the move from one idea to the next. Writing makes her happy more than anything. She spends her time writing as much as she can.
Work sited
Molly Novash,personal interview.12 Jan 2012

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” Why i write” Summary

In the Joan Didion essay “Why I Write,” she describes the way she writes by using some images in her mind. Didion begins her writing with a few thoughts and images. She took her title from George Orwell because the idea attracted her. Writing is a description of life around her superimposing her mind view on someone else’s blank. Didion describes, “ In my way writing is the act of saying, of imposing oneself upon other people, of saying listen to me, see it my way, change your mind”(p2). Didion create some mental images before she starts writing, then she uses these images for her writing process. The concepts of her images tell her what is wrong and what is right. When she writes her novel she does not use the sequence of time or character. She draws something in her mind before she starts writing. Didion said, “Let me show you what I mean by pictures in my mind. I began Play It As It Lays just as I have begun each of my novels, with no notion of “ character’’ or “plot” or even “incident”(4). She has two pictures in her mind. The first is empty white space and second is something actual, a young woman with long hair waking in the casino. This image is the idea of her novel. She also mentions her two books The Portrait of a Lady and A Book of Common Prayer.
Works Cited
Didion,Joan. “Why I Write.” Mercury Reader: Acustom Publication
Eds. Janice Neulieb, Kathlee Sheine Cain and Stephen Ruffins. Boston: Pearson Learning Solution, 2011. 1-7

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